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Lina Seguró Mendlewicz - Landscaper and Designer

“I answer the need and desire to create purposeful spaces, make them green or simply endow them with character. To achieve this, I listen to what each space has to say.”

Verveine is a project by Lina Seguró Mendlewicz; the result of a professional career that ranges from technical landscaping to designing and creating furniture using reclaimed materials.

Lina graduated as Landscaper at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona, part of her degree being attended at the École nationale supérieure de paysage de Versailles. This studies followed her previous degree in Agricultural Engineering at ESAB.

Her career started as landscape architect but diverted to include design and teaching at ESTAB (UPC) and ELISAVA – Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

As founding member of A2P Paisatge i Arquitectura, until 2010 she delivered private as well as public projects.

As a member of ARXE brand, she designed furniture with organic and reclaimed elements. All pieces of furniture were inspired by nature. They were created in the workshop and finished at its staging. ARXE branded furniture can be found in Berlin, Paris, London and New York, among other locations.

Verveine started as a project in association with La Casa por el Tejado. The two-year collaboration involved bringing nature to the cities and exploring new technical solutions for sustainable building.


Currently, Lina continues expanding her landscaping, design and decoration knowledge. The added value of her work consists in involving the entire space, integrating the aesthetics and functionality of all its elements.


Natural materials and their ability to evoke feelings are a daily source of inspiration. Her aim is to create unique projects, each with its own story, taking care of all the details and working in close contact with clients. 

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