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VERVEINE designs green areas

that adapt to architectural elements, natural surroundings and people.

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VERVEINE specialises in small- and large-scale landscaping projects. Its work ethics and the projects it delivers are a reflection of its artisanal vocation, technical innovation and sensitivity.


Lina Seguró Mendlewicz, founder of VERVEINE, is personally involved in all project stages, including the smallest details. While coordinating a trusted team, she brings spaces to life and endows them with harmony, making the most of the potential and the character of each location.


At the same time, VERVEINE searches for solutions with the least impact on the environment, always on the lookout for recyclable elements from the construction industry and opportunities to reclaim and reuse, with very interesting visual results.


VERVEINE also explores solutions to prevent roof heating, improve buildings’ energy efficiency and find new systems to save water and energy.


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